Query to list SQL Server stored procedures

select t.sp_name, sum(t.lines_of_code) - 1 as lines_ofcode, t.type_desc
 select o.name as sp_name,
 (len(c.text) - len(replace(c.text, char(10), ''))) as lines_of_code,
 case when o.xtype = 'P' then 'Stored Procedure'
 when o.xtype in ('FN', 'IF', 'TF') then 'Function'
 end as type_desc
 from sysobjects o
 inner join syscomments c
 on c.id = o.id
 where o.xtype in ('P', 'FN', 'IF', 'TF')
-- and o.category = 0
 and o.name not in ('fn_diagramobjects', 'sp_alterdiagram', 'sp_creatediagram', 'sp_dropdiagram', 'sp_helpdiagramdefinition', 'sp_helpdiagrams', 'sp_renamediagram', 'sp_upgraddiagrams', 'sysdiagrams')
) t
group by t.sp_name, t.type_desc
order by 1

Source: StackOverflow

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